Sunday, May 10, 2015

Field Trip Fun

Our amazing fourth graders and chaperones listen to a lively
presentation at Fort Macon. It ended with a
 real bang- a demonstration of a
 Civil War musket firing.

Jordan and other students enjoy ocean views, dolphin and wild
pony sightings during the harbor cruise.

The Coastal Field trip was a big success. We escaped a rainy day in Raleigh for sunshine in Morehead City and Beaufort, NC. Our first stop was at Fort Macon. Then we were on the bus again for a short trip to the Maritime Museum in Beaufort where the students completed a treasure hunt. We ate lunch in a sunny courtyard in front of the museum. Our next stop was a harbor cruise which was just a short walk from the museum. As soon as the tour began we saw dolphin playing in the wake of the boat. I did not get an exact count but there may have been as many as six dolphins around the boat. Wild ponies were also in view on the nearby islands. Then we got back on the bus and enjoyed a snack en route to Tryon Palace where we got tours of the blacksmith's shop, the stables, the main palace rooms, the servants quarters and the kitchen. Our last stop, and some students' favorite stop, was the Golden Corral in Kinston. We even returned to Washington a few minutes ahead of schedule. Well done, class! There are many more pictures I have to post, and this is just a small collection.

Here is the whole class in front of Tryon Palace

Arrival at Golden Corral where the staff did a great job
accommodating our entire grade level!
Thanks so much to Ms. Franks, Ms. Leung, Ms. Kluttz, Ms. Nimmer and Ms. Flores for being fabulous chaperones and braving the bus ride with
 44 9-11 year olds!
Here's a view of the Harbor Cruise Boat operated by Crystal Tours

Everyone was in high spirits boarding the
 bus just before dawn. 

Students enjoyed a scavenger hunt at the
Maritime Museum. Here students look for the next item while sitting in a model of a
 fishing skiff from the early 1900s, similar to the ones we studied in the novel Storm Warriors last quarter.

More fun on the bus! Thanks Ms. Flores!

Lots of energy at 5:45am. 

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